Posted by: lacouray | July 23, 2016

Feeding the Crocodile

Our newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago are the greatest failure of the people.

The Trinidad Guardian bills itself as the ‘guardian of democracy’.

The Trinidad Express is supposedly the ‘fearless’ newspaper.

The Trinidad and Tobago Newsday bills itself as the ‘peoples’ newspaper.

They are ALL dismal failures.

This has been starkly brought to the fore in the last couple of weeks.

Kevin Baldeosingh a ‘journalist’ who rates himself and is rated by his liberal sycophants much higher than his actual ‘talent’, wrote an article in the Trinidad Guardian on Eid ul fitr, entitled, ‘How not to be killed by Islamists’.

The mooslems immediately vociferously objected and mounted protests, calling for the firing of the newspaper’s editor in chief and the journalist.

The compliant, dhimmi, Trinidad Guardian immediately issued an apology.

The mooslems stated that the apology was insufficient and continue to insist on the firings.

Baldeosingh has previously made a ‘name’ for himself by making fun of every religion and everything ‘sacred’.

Every religion and religious tenet was attacked and maligned by this writer.

His most fervent vitriol was directed at Christianity.

He regularly disrespected Jesus and those who followed the teachings of the Bible.

While some persons commented on his lack of respect no protests were organised and no one called for anyone’s firing.

No apology or retraction was ever previously asked for or proffered.

The mooslems however, those who belong to the religion of perpetual outrage, those who feel themselves to be the most superior people on the planet and who see themselves growing in numbers in the population of Trinidad and Tobago immediately began an outcry. (

Not one of the other newspapers or the journalists’ union thought it right to come to the defence of the journalists.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I am in no way defending Baldeosingh.

He should be capable of using his unremarkable ‘skills’ to defend himself.

I think that he is a Godless scoundrel and that he will have to stand before the same God that he avers he doesn’t believe in and till Him why.

I am here observing that in Trinidad and Tobago we have the ‘right’ to critique everything except islam and mooslems.

If our newspapers do print anything on islam or mooslems it is persistently censored from their online pages so that comments could be made on these articles.

The ‘fearless’ newspaper, which ran a robust comments section in their newspaper, has for reasons unknown, discontinued this ‘blog’.

I had cause in 2013 – 2014, when I observed the beginning of the censoring of the ‘blog’ to place the following comments in the express ‘blog’:-


Express, you chose to operate a comment forum which attracted broad participation from citizens.

I acknowledge that the forum is yours and can be administered in any manner you choose but you are operating in an extremely arbitrary manner presently.

Without a word to your commenters on change in policy the comments section if opened operates in an extremely haphazard manner.

It is exceedingly tasteless for a citizen who takes the time to air his views on any topic on your forum to be unable to either review his comment or see what others think of his comment shortly after having so done, as his comments have been removed and comments shut down.

As far as I know the Express is the only newspaper which operates a comments section in this manner.

Is the Express under cyber-attack? Is there governmental or other pressure exerted on the Express?

If either is the case shouldn’t the Express inform citizens and allow us to opine on this as well?

Without any word from the Express it is now left to the citizens to assume that the Express is either capitulating to the wishes of the government or to those of its advertisers.


Is the homosexual lobby already so strong in this country that my comment has been removed as if it was never there?

Without even a ‘this comment removed by administrator’, my comment has been deleted and cannot even be found in my comment stream?

Free speech is only free when it doesn’t interfere with the ‘incentives’ right?

What’s the difference now between you and the guardian?

Express, the truth shall set you free.

Express yuh panty line showing.

The fact that the preceding article is not open for comment after your editorial of yesterday (18.03.14) is very informative.

Open the article “Tell us yuh views on Jack” for comment.

There are others but I use these as an example of the start of the censorship.

Apparently the advertisers and their lobbyists are more important than the “people” that these newspapers claim to truthfully and fearlessly inform.

Money is the bottom line.

They have “progressed” to ‘wastebook’, where silly, racist and ofttimes obscene comments are the order of the day.

Articles concerning islam and mooslems which appear in the print versions of their newspapers, consistently fail to appear in the ‘wastebook’ versions.

Some facts on ramadan:


Some facts on islam:

Lots more information at:-

The religion of piece and perpetual outrage is flexing its muscles in Trinidad and Tobago and the newspapers continue to ‘feed the crocodile’.

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